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High Blood Pressure: Can We Talk?

Posted by Megan Othersen Gorman on Jan 25, 2016 12:30:37 PM

High blood pressure is surprisingly common, uncommonly stealthy, and potentially deadly. It’s also highly treatable—you just have to know you have it first.

Silence is often thought of as golden. But when it comes to high blood pressure—a common and potentially deadly condition dubbed “The Silent Killer” for its tendency to sneak up on sufferers with no warning signs or symptoms—silence is the darkest, most dangerous aspect of the disease.

“High blood pressure greatly elevates the risk of heart attack and stroke, two of the top five leading causes of death in Americans,” says Vincent M. Figueredo, MD, Associate Chair of Cardiology at Einstein Medical Center and director of the hypertension specialty clinic there. “Yet it is deceptively quiet. You can have mild to moderate high blood pressure for years—even decades—before it becomes an emergency. Only then will it speak to you with any symptoms.”

By that time, it might be too late—which is why we’re talking out about it now.

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Meet Ramsay Dallal, MD

Posted by Megan Othersen Gorman on Dec 23, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Dr. Dr. Dallal is vice chair of the department of surgery and a bariatric surgery specialist. He has performed thousands of laparoscopic gastric bypass procedures and maintains some of the lowest complication rates and some of the highest patient satisfaction rates in the country.

Perspectives: Why did you initially become interested in bariatric surgery?

Dr. Dallal: Bariatric surgery has been around since the 1950s and ‘60s, but laparoscopy dramatically increased patients’ interest in the procedure. The surgery’s popularity grew immensely with the first laparoscopic procedure in the early ‘90s, which happened to be when I was studying. But beyond that, I’ve always found it to be a fantastic field of medicine, really unlike any other. It’s a field in which you cure diseases, eliminate medications, improve quality of life, and use cutting-edge medical expertise. Plus, it’s a discipline in which you have an incredibly satisfied patient population. And all those things create a wonderful camaraderie among my team members and with our patients.

Honestly, I’m high-fiving and hugging patients all day long. The life-changing potential of this work is incredible—and incredibly gratifying. I can’t understand why anyone would choose to specialize in anything else.

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