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Posted by Christine Skiffington on Dec 2, 2016 3:32:42 PM

wip_injury_report_REVISED_1200X1200.jpgEinstein's own sports medicine expert Rosemarie Boehm, MD, joins Ike Reese on Sportsradio 94WIP this week to discuss the most important injuries of interest to Philadelphia football fans. Going into week thirteen of the season, Dr. Boehm weighs in on Jordan Matthews's sprained ankle and what makes a sprain more or less severe. Plus, she discusses how Lane Johnson can stay in football shape while he is suspended. 


Jordan Matthews sprained an ankle on Monday but the coach said he will be ready to go again Cincinnati. What makes a sprain more or less severe?

Ankle sprains are diagnosed as mild, moderate or severe. That is based on the amount of injury or tearing of the ankle ligaments, which attach bones each other in the body.

The biggest factor in determining whether a sprain is more or less severe is the mechanism of the injury: how the injury happened and amount of force behind the injury. The ankle sprain is diagnosed by looking at that, along with reviewing the player’s history and a good physical exam.

X-rays are often obtained to rule out a fracture or widening of the joint – which could signify a more severe injury than just a sprain. The ankle sprain can be graded on the amount of swelling, the range of motion and amount of elasticity of the joint, and whether the athlete can move on the joint.

Obviously, if the athlete has had prior injuries it may make the current sprain more severe. That’s especially true if they did not rehabilitate their prior injuries properly.

The initial treatment for an ankle sprain should be rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE), along with non-weight bearing activities. The severity of the sprain will dictate the length of treatment and how quickly the athlete can return to activity, and ultimately regular game action.

What can Lane Johnson do during his suspension to stay in football shape so he's ready for his return?

As we all know, Lane Johnson is serving a 10-game suspension for violating the league policy on use of performance-enhancing drugs. He will be able to return for the Eagles’ week 16 game against the New York Giants.

During his suspension he is not able to practice or workout with the team, so he will need to continue to stay in shape by lifting and working on cardiovascular exercises on his own. He should also continue stretching and strengthening, as well as any functional football drills that he can perform.

He will also need to continue to acclimate to the weather changes and cold since he last was on the field. Unfortunately, what he’s missing the most is the opportunity to continue to gel with his teammates and grow as a team.

Hopefully as a veteran player, he will be able to return and make an impact on the team.

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Be sure to check back soon for next week's report. Have questions about your favorite NFL player's recovery? Post them here and our sports injury experts may be able to answer them on next week's show. 

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