Einstein Injury Analysis Report Podcast: Week 17 2016

Posted by Jeff Meade on Dec 30, 2016 2:21:55 PM

wip_injury_report_REVISED_1200X1200-1.jpgAs the Philadelphia Eagles head into the last game of the season, the question arises: What's the best way for players to recover in the off-season? According to Einstein sports medicine expert Rosemarie Boehm, MD, the answer is: It depends on the player's condition.

For players who aren't plagued by nagging injuries, the best approach in the near term is rest. For players with injuries, expect a period of rehab. Later on in the off-season, players will return to a training regimen of stretching and strength training.

Another question for Dr. Boehm: Can running back Ryan Mathews recover from the herniated disk in his neck without surgery? And again the answer is: It depends. It depends in particular on whether the injury turns out to be acute or chronic. Many people with this injury recover without surgery. Others, with constant pain or numbness, may require surgery.

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