Einstein Injury Analysis Report Podcast: Week 6 Player Commentary

Posted by Christine Skiffington on Oct 14, 2016 12:47:40 PM

wip_injury_report_REVISED_1200X1200.jpgEinstein's own sports medicine expert Brett Sweitzer, MD, joins Ike Reese on Sportsradio 94WIP this week to discuss the most important injuries of interest to Philadelphia football fans. Going into week six of the season, Dr. Sweitzer weighs in on how new-to-the-pros quarterbacks can avoid hitting the "rookie wall." Plus, he discusses how players can find the right mix of rest, rehab and continued training to stay in shape.

Carson Wentz is going through his first NFL season. Many rookies hit the 'rookie wall' ten games in. How can a player avoid that?
That’s certainly a challenge and something that we all hope Wentz and the Eagles can avoid this year.

Obviously, the NFL season is quite a bit longer and is certainly more grueling than a typical college season. That’s likely why these guys hit that “rookie wall.” Both physically and mentally, they just aren’t used to the intensity and the wear that they face throughout the full season.

My advice to these young athletes is simple: they need to take care of their bodies and their mind. They need to find some type of balance between pushing themselves as hard as they can, yet giving themselves enough rest to perform at their maximum potential.

With that in mind, they need to get enough sleep; ideally at least 6-8 hours a night. They need to eat and drink healthy, well-balanced diets; legal supplements may help with that. They should avoid excessive alcohol intake, but certainly they need to take mental breaks occasionally, where they spend time doing something other than football. They also need to make sure they don’t ignore minor injuries.

Minor injuries can build up throughout the season and become a bigger problem later on, so it’s critical that these athletes spend the necessary time in the training room, working with the medical staff, and staying on top of any ailments they sustain. Sometimes injuries just need some stretching and ice. Sometimes they may need specific rehab exercise programs. Whatever it may be, it’s extremely important that the athlete be compliant with the treatment plan.

Fortunately, by all accounts, Wentz has a great sense of balance and is a very smart person, so I’m optimistic that he can avoid hitting that wall.
At this point in the season, many players are dealing with nagging injuries. How can they tell what is the right mix of rest, rehab and continued training is right to stay in shape?

That’s another challenging question. It gets back to that sense of balance these athletes need to obtain.

The players need to work closely with the medical staff to make sure they are progressing each day. The medical and training staff are constantly adjusting and tweaking the prescribed regimens based on how the athlete feels, how much pain they’re having, how the muscles and joints are moving, and so on.

Certainly the coaches need to be involved with this as well. In many ways, it very much depends on effective communication between the player and the staff, attention to detail, and a constant reevaluation of how the player is doing.

The nagging injuries are definitely a part of football. It’s such a physical game, they’re inevitable, but you are right that it’s all about finding that right mix of rest, rehab and continued training in order to maximize their function and minimize their pain.


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