Einstein Injury Analysis Report Podcast: Week 9 Player Commentary

Posted by Christine Skiffington on Nov 4, 2016 3:43:06 PM

wip_injury_report_REVISED_1200X1200.jpgEinstein's own sports medicine expert Rosemarie Boehm, MD, joins Ike Reese on Sportsradio 94WIP this week to discuss the most important injuries of interest to Philadelphia football fans. Going into week nine of the season, Dr. Boehm weighs in on Ryan Mathews's tooth issue and if that could potentially affect his performance. Plus, she discusses the prominence of hamstring injuries on the team - is there something they're doing or not doing that could be causing it? 

Ryan Mathews missed time this week with a tooth issue. Aside from pain tolerance, could something like that affect his performance?

Ryan Mathews was limited in practice this week with the tooth issue and it appears he may have had a dental procedure.

While not knowing the full extent of the issue, it most likely will not affect his performance. However, the team physician should ask Mathews if he feels ready and up to playing. Would the pain be severe enough to distract him from playing safely?

Here are some other questions that should be asked as a precaution:

  • Is the pain controlled without narcotic medication or anti-inflammatory medications? Narcotics would not be safe to take while playing and anti-inflammatories could increase risk of bleeding with an injury, especially a head injury.
  • Does he have fever or infection? An infection may increase fatigue, weakness, or cause/increase dehydration. That would cause Mathews to not be at his best, which may increase his risk of injury. Athletes should not workout or play with a fever, as it could increase their risk of dehydration, heat illness and myocarditis, which is a rare heart infection.
  • If he had a dental procedure, does he have sutures that could be ripped out during the course of play? Is there swelling that could make his mouthguard uncomfortable or even worse not fit properly, which could lead to more serious injury?

Once all these questions and concerns are addressed, we can be more reassured that the player will be returning to the game safely.

There are currently four players on the Eagles nursing hamstring injuries. Is there something the team is doing or not doing that could be causing it?

As we have talked about many times, hamstring injuries are very common injuries in sports that require running, jumping, cutting and sprinting. Therefore, they are very common in football.

With four current injuries, the team’s coaches and medical staff are surely looking at all aspects of their workouts, practices and games to see if there is a common thread to these injuries.

The team and players may be working out too much or too little in between games. It may also have to do with the way they are working out, as they really need to maintain a good balance of strength and flexibility exercises. Players who get stronger without increasing their flexibility have a greater chance of pulling or straining a muscle.

Since it has still been unseasonably warm, dehydration could certainly play a part in these injuries. As we get into the colder weather players will have to struggle to keep warmed up in between plays and when they are on the sidelines. They certainly could look at making changes in their footwear, especially when it comes to the type of field they are playing on.

It’s always important for athletes to maintain good nutrition, hydration and to stay well rested. Hamstring injuries are just a part of football and the Eagles unfortunately have a rash of players struggling with the injury. It may continue to plague them throughout the season, but hopefully they can rest, rehab, heal and comeback stronger.

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Be sure to check back soon for next week's report. Have questions about your favorite NFL player's recovery? Post them here and our sports injury experts may be able to answer them on next week's show. 

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