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Posted by Jeff Meade on Nov 3, 2015 2:44:53 PM

Men talk to other men about a lot of things, from whether it’s worth following the Eagles at all to the latest office scuttlebutt, but they’re often a lot less likely to talk about their health—particularly when the subject of their health concerns lies below the belt.

Jay Simhan, MD, is Director of Urologic Trauma, Reconstruction and Prosthetics for Einstein Urology and the Einstein Healthcare Network, and he’s completely aware of men’s reticence when it comes to issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED), male urinary incontinence and prostate health.  But put men in a safe place, surrounded by other men who have the same concerns, and it’s a different story, Dr. Simhan says.

Men will soon have an opportunity to talk with each other, and hear from Simhan and his partner, Einstein urologist Steve Sterious, MD, as well as men just like themselves, at an Einstein-sponsored community health event on Tuesday, November 10, at Crowne Plaza King of Prussia, 260 Mall Boulevard, in King of Prussia.

It’s not the first such event Drs. Simhan and Sterious have conducted, and Dr. Simhan has found them to be quite popular.

“Usually there is great interest in this,” Simhan says. “We’re one of the few health networks in this area that takes this approach. We are happy to provide community awareness for these sensitive issues and we often find that men (and their spouses!) attend by the dozens.”

By “this approach,” here is what Dr. Simhan means: a very informal explanation by the two doctors about concerns such as ED, incontinence and prostate health, using language that is down to earth, accessible, and far from clinical. “I talk very openly,” Dr. Simhan says, “and I use entertaining terms to melt the ice a bit.”

But the highlight of the event, he says, is always a discussion led by recent patients who have experienced similar problems—with serious concerns that might include multiple related issues such as severe urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction together—and the surgeries and other treatments they have had at Einstein that, in many cases, has changed their lives for the better.

Often, men have been told that they’ve reached the end of the line when it comes to treatment for such hush-hush subjects as erectile dysfunction—that after all of the conventional treatments haven’t worked, they just have to live with their frustration and unhappiness. Between the urologists’ presentation and the frank, open stories told by patients, men who attend the event come to understand what they have been told just might not be true.

“I get it,” says Dr. Simhan. “I’m a skeptic myself. I wonder ‘Is that really how it is? Do patients really have such great outcomes?’ That’s why we want to eliminate the skepticism and doubt and show how we at Einstein can help. That is the reason I have enthusiastic patients who are willing to share their story to a group that may feel helpless. Our goal is to show that it is not really the end of the world and we can many times offer legitimate, proven solutions.”

The event is not just open to men, by the way. Women are encouraged to attend as well and are often more open to discussing the health issues of the men in their lives.

The Foundation for Breast and Prostate Health (the same organization that runs the Gary Papa Father's Day Run) is a sponsor of the event.


Register by calling 1-800-EINSTEIN or click on the link below.

Light fare and refreshments will be served.

The event starts at 5:30 p.m.

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