Laura Bickle’s Moment of More: 'Sometimes You Just Have to Take That One Extra Step'

Posted by Jeff Meade on Jun 29, 2015 2:25:00 PM

laurabickle-MOMIt was an act of kindness that probably seemed like such a small thing at the time, but to Laura Bickle it sums up everything she believes about what being an employee of Einstein really means.

Bickle, Einstein director of development communications, learned about that moment of generosity in a letter.

Not all that long ago, she says, a woman taking her 84-year-old father to a medical appointment experienced a partial brake failure in the middle of Broad Street, right in front of the medical center.

She managed to drive the car into the medical center driveway at Broad and Tabor, where she was met by an Einstein staff member, who helped the man and his daughter into the lobby and called a cab for them.

He helped each one of them into the cab when it arrived, and found a safe place to park their car.

“Finally,” the letter’s author wrote, “he saw that our car was safely parked until we could return and reclaim it. He did it all with the greatest of cheer, and he refused to any thanks.”

It turned out that the gentleman attended Bickle’s church.

“This gentleman passed away two weeks after he wrote this letter,” Bickle recalls. “When I went to the funeral, everyone I met in his family knew me as ‘the girl from Einstein’ because he talked about this man that he met at the door who was just doing his job. It made such an impact on this man. This is the last letter that he ever wrote. And I keep it in my desk drawer every day to remind me that sometimes you just have to take that one extra step—just one extra step—and it’s going to make that much of a difference, not just to one person, but to his entire family.”

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