Perfect Match: 25 New Residents Join Einstein Internal Medicine Program

Posted by Jeff Meade on Mar 21, 2016 10:27:52 AM

Eiger_Headshot_370x411.jpgIt’s called “Match Day.” For many of us, it sounds inconsequential, maybe even trivial, like “Sadie Hawkins Day.” Trust us when we tell you that, for graduating medical students, the third Friday in March is one of the most consequential days of their lives. It’s the day on which most—though not all—will discover where they are going to spend their residency years.

It’s a rite of passage celebrated annually in medical schools throughout the country. Roughly 42,000 registered applicants from the class of 2016 were in competition for just under 31,000 positions, according to the National Resident Matching Program®. Obviously, some went away disappointed.

(Glenn Eiger, MD, right)

It’s possible for residency programs to be disappointed, too. They might not always get the candidates they want. For Einstein’s Internal Medicine Residency Program, though, it was a very happy day indeed.

This year, the program received about 6,000 applications. Over four hundred were interviewed. Of these, just 25 will spend their residency years at Einstein.

Glenn Eiger, MD, director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program, is extremely satisfied with the outcome.

This year, the program received about 6,000 applications. Over four hundred were interviewed. Of these, just 25 will spend their residency years at Einstein.

“Once again, we have a great group of students from outstanding medical schools, with a tremendous amount of diversity,” Dr. Eiger says. “They all come with tremendous scores on standardized medical exams.  The class includes four valedictorians, many award winners and people who have participated in research. They have interesting lives outside of medicine, and we believe each and every person who matched here will bring something unique to the program and to the patients we care for here at Einstein. This year was exceptional. We did not go down very far on our match list to fill our 25 positions. Actually, it’s our best year."

Making the final 25 is difficult, to say the least. The program’s standards—not unlike those of many other institutions—are incredibly high.

“You can’t find the right person just by looking at numbers,” says Dr. Eiger. “We’re looking for the right fit. Just because you have a high score doesn’t mean you have all the other qualities we’re looking for. We’re looking for synergy, for people who will energize our team approach to patient care.”

Residency is no walk in the park, but no one expects it to be. It’s a lot of hard work. But hard work yields great rewards at Einstein, Dr. Eiger says. The program has a record of extraordinary outcomes for residents. “These include great training, an outstanding board pass rate, the opportunity to engage in research, and a high rate of fellowship placement.”

“You can’t find the right person just by looking at numbers. We’re looking for the right fit."

Residency at Einstein begins on July 1, with an orientation before that. All new residents are paired up with residency “buddies” who help them navigate the process.

Dr. Eiger, director of the Einstein Internal Medicine Residency Program for 16 years, understands the agony and the ecstasy of the Match process, of course, since he went through it himself. He recalls being matched with his second choice. That turned out to be a good thing. It’s how he met his wife. If he had wound up at his first choice, they never would have met.

And even though his Match occurred several years ago, Dr. Eiger can also identify with the excitement that all new Einstein residents experience on Match Day.

“It’s an incredible time,” he says, “that everyone remembers."


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