Ten Keys to Running Safely

Posted by Perspectives Blog Team on Aug 14, 2015 9:30:00 AM

Man_running_on_the_beachPerspectives met with Einstein orthopedic surgeon and foot and ankle specialist Bobby Ndu, MD, to learn about how runners can stay in top form and get back on track after injury.

  • Runners are most vulnerable to injury at certain times during their running careers—in the first four to six months, when returning to running after an injury, when running long distances and when running faster. Recognize your risk!
  • Most running injuries are caused by recurrent issues that are often identifiable and preventable by making small changes. If you feel a twinge or a pull, call your sports medicine expert.
  • bobby-nduStretching increases the flexibility of your muscles and tendons, decreasing your chance of injury. Do not perform a long static stretch hold (more than 30 seconds) before a run—only after a run or on days off.
  • Use an active warm-up, for example, incorporating slow jogs and high knees, to get your muscles firing.
  • Training errors are the most common source of injury. Such errors include rapid changes in mileage, increases in hill training, interval training and insufficient rest between training sessions. Increase your running in distance, intensity or frequency by no more than 10 percent every other week.
  • Avoid running in extreme hot or cold weather.
  • Ideal running surfaces should be flat, resilient and relatively soft. Avoid concrete or rough roads and use community running trails. Avoid hills when starting out as they cause increased ankle and knee stress.
  • Running shoes should be comfortable and well cushioned. Shoes that are too loose can lead to blistering or forefoot injuries. Shoes that are too tight can lead to circulation issues and significant discomfort. Replace your running shoes after 600 miles of use.
  • Be sure to increase your fluid intake in warm and humid conditions.
  • Give yourself 30 minutes to cool down with a walk or slow jog immediately following your run to avoid a dangerous drop in blood pressure.

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