Is Outpatient Knee Replacement on the Horizon?

Posted by Perspectives Blog Team on Jan 23, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Imagine this: get knee replacement surgery in the morning, and be home in time for dinner. In pain and on a walker, perhaps, but home nonetheless.

That’s the future that awaits otherwise healthy patients, according to orthopedic surgeon Daniel  Goldstein. That’s the future that Medicare may make possible. And Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, where Dr. Goldstein works—with its on-site surgical center and affiliation with MossRehab—is the ideal setting for outpatient knee surgery. 

“We’re doing knee replacements in younger and healthier patients and we decided that some of them don’t have to stay overnight or two or three nights,” he said. A patient who is otherwise healthy, is walking, has a companion at home to help, and can tolerate the pain, is the ideal candidate for the outpatient procedure.

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Orthopedic Surgery Resident Develops a Unique Photographic View of the World

Posted by Jeff Meade on Dec 15, 2016 2:59:44 PM

Mark Ayzenberg, MD (Photo by Wes Hilton)

A glittering sunset over Boathouse Row, so bright that you might be tempted to shade your eyes. Center City Philadelphia, enwreathed in darkening clouds.

These outsized images, printed on thin sheets of metal, seem three-dimensional, many as if they’d been painted, but they’re all photographs—and they all started out in the mind’s eye of Einstein Healthcare Network orthopedic surgery resident Mark Ayzenberg, MD. 

In a way, you could also say that they came about by accident. 

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Foot Specialist Bobby Ndu, MD, Discusses Joel Embiid's Continued Healing Process and the 76ers on 94WIP

Posted by Chase Wexler on Dec 15, 2016 12:16:31 PM

Anthony "Bobby" Ndu, MD, orthopedic surgeon and foot and ankle specialist at Einstein Orthopedics, joined the 94WIP afternoon show with Ike Reese and Chris Carlin this week to discuss the ongoing healing process of Philadelphia 76ers' star rookie Joel Embiid.

Listen to Dr. Ndu discuss why Embiid is still on a minutes limit, his progress and the potential risks of re-injuring his foot. The trio also touch on the 76ers' other prized rookie, Ben Simmons, who is recovering from his own foot injury.

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Here's How to Stay Flexible as We Age

Posted by Perspectives Blog Team on Aug 1, 2016 2:20:16 PM

Simon says, “Touch your toes.” Sounds easy enough, but as we age our bodies seem to stiffen up and lose some of their flexibility, adding a whole new level of difficulty to this simple child’s game.

Flexibility and range of motion are directly related to the health of our joints. Joints are the areas where bones come together. They allow our skeletons to move and bend. Bones do not come in direct contact within the joint, but are cushioned by cartilage, membranes, fluid and connective tissues.

“Certain changes that take place in our connective tissues as we age can have an impact on our flexibility and range of motion,” says Brett Sweitzer, MD, attending orthopedic surgeon at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia and Einstein Medical Center Montgomery. “Fluid in the joints may decrease, cartilage may begin to wear away, and connective tissue may thicken. All of this can contribute to decreased flexibility.”

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Eight Ways to Recover After the Big Race

Posted by Perspectives Blog Team on May 6, 2015 11:45:00 AM

After the Broad Street Run, many of the runners clearly began a well-rehearsed plan for post-race recovery. You could see them continuing to walk or jog for a while, swap their sweaty running togs for dry clothes, and chug water. Others, though, seemed to have no plan at all, other than posing for selfies and heading off to the parking lot or the subway station.

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Overuse Injury Prevention

Posted by Bobby Ndu on Feb 3, 2015 10:45:00 AM

Running more than 40 miles a week increases your risk for overuse injuries. These tips and tricks provided by Einstein Orthopedic Surgeon Bobby Ndu, MD can help you minimize your injury risk.

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